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How We Can Help

Let’s face it, planning your retirement and finances shouldn’t drive you crazy because it really isn’t that hard to understand…but that is what seems to happen way too often causing people not to do anything because they are afraid of making a mistake, like this guy…

Used with permission


So here’s how to explain HOW WE CAN HELP YOU…

If you’ve ever looked at the directions for assembling “DO-IT-YOURSELF” furniture, you know how complicated it can be, especially when it comes is 12 languages!

Well, we know that financial stuff can often look that way too! 

So we’ve developed strategies that put together people’s “financial furniture” in ways that help streamline the process, remove the complication and keep their plans on track for the rest of their lives.

What you get back is something that is flexible, easy to understand and complete just for you.

That about sums it up, however if you want to know a little more about the PROCESS, here are a few more details…



When you remove all the mumbo-jumbo out of it, financial planning boils down to a SIX-STEP PROCESS that brings you to SIX-FOCUS AREAS that you can act on...either one at a time or all at once.

So rather than give you a list of products and services that may not make any sense to you, we found giving you an understanding of how we work, works far better…

Here it is in plain English:



  1. Goal Identification - Figuring out what your short and long term goals are, and the values and beliefs behind them.

  2. Data Gathering - Collecting information about your financial life, like cash flow, assets, and liabilities.

  3. Analysis - Determine if you can achieve goals based on current assets, time horizons, expected future income sources, tax situation, and other factors.

  4. Strategy Development - Identify the actions that you need to take in order to have the greatest chance of accomplishing your goals.

  5. Plan Implementation - Choose the appropriate products and services that will help you to achieve your goals.

  6. Review - Provide you with periodic updates on the progress you’re having with your plans, and incorporate any changes in your situation, resources or goals.  



  1. Financial Position - This is a snapshot of your current cash flow and net worth including all assets and liabilities.

  2. Protection Planning - Protection against unexpected losses in the areas of death, disability, accident, and illness.

  3. Investment Planning - Accumulating assets in order to be able to achieve goals.

  4. Tax Planning - Strategies to minimize taxes and possibly avoid paying unnecessary taxes, including reviewing investments because of their tax treatment.

  5. Retirement/Income Planning - Accumulating sufficient assets through a variety of retirement planning devices in order to generate sufficient income so work becomes optional.  

  6. Financial Estate Planning - Passing your assets to your heirs in accordance to your goals.



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