Should You Replace your Financial Advisor?

We tell a story that our financial life is like climbing a mountain.

First, we have our working years where we save and save and save, year after year... just like each step it takes to climb up the mountain. (We call this the accumulation phase).

Then we reach the SUMMIT where we finally get to rest and look back at all the effort it took to get here at last! This is the starting point of retirement.

Finally, there is the descent down the mountain...this is where we start spending our assets so we can live our lives doing the things we worked and waited so hard for. (We call this the distribution phase).

Many individuals spend their lives looking forward to the thrill this moment. Can't blame them! Unfortunately, most people take it for granted that they’ll get back "down the mountain" the same way they went up it. 


Retirement planning needs will vary depending on what phase of the process you are in. The strategies you employ while in the accumulation phase are likely to be very different from the strategies you may need once you enter the distribution phase.

Not all financial advisors are well-versed in both phases of planning for retirement. 

You’ve worked hard to get to this “summit,” but your journey isn’t over yet. Don’t chance it by going it alone or working with the wrong advisor! Baby boomers near retirement need the right guidance for their financial goals.

If you ask questions to an advisor like the ones below and they look at you like the guy in the picture above, well, I would rethink getting advice from them!

  • When should I start taking my Social Security? 
  • Which Medicare option should I take?  
  • Where will my first paycheck come from out of my assets?
  • Will I run out of money? OR 
  • How do we handle another 2008?                                                                                                                                                 

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