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Retiring Does NOT Mean You Have to Give Up Your Creativity!!

Retiring Does NOT Mean You Have to Give Up Your Creativity!!

May 20, 2020

When your grandparents retired a few decades ago, they may have spent a considerable amount of time sitting on the front porch or putting together jigsaw puzzles on the living room coffee table.

But that’s not the case anymore for most of today’s retirees.

In fact, as more of the Baby Boomer generation begins their retirement, it is not uncommon to see them staying active and pursuing long-awaited goals.  For many, leaving the world of employment is like starting fresh, finally having the time to accomplish some life-long dreams.

While in the workforce, many people tend to define themselves – either in part or in full – based on their job or career. And, when that stops, it is easy to feel somewhat disoriented – at least for a while. 

According to researchers, though, having a purpose in retirement can make the days seem much more fulfilling. Doing so can help you to stay in a routine – because believe it or not, endless days without any type of structure can actually become boring after a while.

In addition to that, though, your purpose in retirement, along with its corresponding creativity, could also ultimately guide the way you use your income and assets during this time in your life.1

With that in mind, just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean you have to give up your creative and problem-solving side. Right now is actually the ideal time to start that new business you’ve been thinking about, write that book you’ve outlined (and then left in the drawer), or finalize plans for that trip you’ve been wanting to take where you collect a meaningful souvenir on each of the stops.

So, while focusing on the financial aspects of your retirement is certainly a must, don’t leave out the other key components that will help you to keep those creative juices flowing and fill you with an added sense of accomplishment.

To that end, there is a new book I just saw on Amazon called “The Foundation of a Successful Life” and when I first saw it, I thought “I like the title, butit’s not about a successful retirement,” which is what I spend most of my time reading about.

But you know what? It is, in the sense that we are not dead yet 😊! It’s all about living, and if you’re in retirement for the next 20 or 30 years, well, then there’s still plenty of living to do!

That’s what caught my eye in the book because it points out lessons that have been around for generations and used by many of the world’s most successful people, past and present, to get what they wanted out of life.

So, don’t think just because you may be near or in retirement, that you’re an old relic on some shelf and that your creativity has to end. It doesn’t…not by a long shot!

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