Imagine your retirement as a cross country plane flight…

On your trip you have the chance to fly on 1 of 2 airplanes. The first plane will be flown by a pilot with 35 years of experience and even has awards for his skill, wrote a book to explain to the public about the mystery of what goes on during a flight from start to finish that passengers never see, and even had a movie made about his life.

Your second option is a plane with no pilot, but you’re allowed to fly yourself. The plane will have a computer installed in the cockpit that is connected to an internet site that will tell you everything you need to know about flying!

Which plane would you want for your journey?

What you’re paying for when you hire an advisor is not information you can get anywhere. There’s a very big difference between information and wisdom. You're paying for experience and we've seen a lot of bad weather over the years and know how to make a safe landing.

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Artie Bernaducci

Author, speaker, radio & TV contributor

(732) 455-9990

Artie is an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and has been working in his favorite profession since 1991. He is also a co-founder with his partner Denny Frasiolas, in the firm, Retirement Income Advisory Group, LLC. Throughout...

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Denny Frasiolas

Financial Advisor, Author, Speaker

(732) 233-0589

Denny Frasiolas is managing partner and chief investment officer at Retirement Income Advisors, LLC, and has been a financial professional since 2001. He focuses on educating pre-retirees, with an emphasis on baby boomers, about wealth...

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Christopher Reyes

Insurance Agent at All Access Brokerage, LLC (an affiliated company))

Christopher graduated from Rutgers with a B.A. in Economics and has worked in financial services since 2003. He started his career as a bond broker at Hennion & Walsh, a municipal bond wholesaler. Chris then shared a partnership with...

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Kerry provides guidance on the protection element of the financial planning process, such as long-term care, and life, health and disability insurance. She’ll review a client’s situation, help them determine how much...

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