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All Access Insurance Agency, an affiliated company

AAB has been helping retirees understand their rights and entitlements to Medicare since 2010.  Fewer and fewer companies offer a retirement health plan that in the past.  AAB helps retirees’ sort through all the available Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D plans in the NJ, NY, PA area.  Christopher Reyes, who is the lead insurance agents, walks clients through the entire enrollment process, from making sure all your doctors are in network to getting all the medications you need covered.  

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The Retiring Baby Boomer Group LLC

Christopher Reyes

Independent Insurance Agent at All Access Insurance Agency, an affiliated company


Christopher graduated from Rutgers with a B.A. in Economics and has worked in financial services since 2003. He started his career as a bond broker at Hennion & Walsh, a municipal bond wholesaler. Chris then shared a partnership with Denny at MetLife as a financial services representative where they led a team of 10 advisors.

Currently, he is a partner and insurance broker at All Access Brokerage, LLC which is an alliance partner to Retirement Income Advisory group that offers Medicare insurance services and enrollment. He spends his leisure time on home-improvement projects where he redevelops homes that have inadequate living conditions .  

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