Our Firm

Retirement Income Advisory Group LLC is a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor in the State of New Jersey.  We are a very niched firm and focus primarily on creating income and investment plans for people that are quickly approaching, currently at, or recently reached retirement who want a formal retirement plan so they can project what their future financial story may look like and ultimately increase their retirement confidence.  That is why our slogan is “For the Second Half of Your Financial Life”.  We believe one’s financial life consists of two general phases: The Accumulation of assets during your working years and the Distribution of assets for income in retirement. We have a detailed, client friendly process in which we follow to address and help you work towards this goal.  

We are an independent planning firm which means we are not part of or work for a larger financial institution or bank.  We work only for and directly with the clients we serve and adhere to a strict fiduciary obligation that put your best interest above our own.  Always have and always will.  


In his book “Money: Master the Game”, Tony Robbins states…

“A fiduciary is a legal standard adopted by a relatively small but growing segment of independent financial professionals who have abandoned their big-box firms, relinquished their broker status, and made the decision to become a registered investment adviser. These professionals get paid for advice, and by law, must remove any potential conflicts of interest (or, at a minimum, disclose them) and put the client's needs above their own.”

Many people are not aware that there are several types of Financial advisors out there.  There are advisors that follow a fiduciary standard as we do and there are advisors that work for big box firms often called Broker/Dealers who do not necessarily have to follow a suitability standard.  This means the work they do for you, just needs to be suitable for your situation and not necessarily in your best interest.  

Often, advisors can adhere to both a fiduciary and suitability standard that sometime muddies the water to how they are actually advising clients.  There is only a small percentage of firms today that strictly adhere to a pure fiduciary standard.  

Here’s a simple analogy that compares a butcher and a dietitian to a broker and a fiduciary.  Brokers are like the butcher so when you ask, “what's for dinner?” the answer is always what is best for them - MEAT!

The fiduciary on the other hand is akin to being a dietitian who will guide you on what's the best way for YOU to eat to stay healthy. They have no vested interest in selling you meat if chicken, fish or being a vegetarian is better for you.

We want to be your financial “dietitian” helping to guide you in your financial journey following a fiduciary standard and creating and managing your income and investment plan in your best interest in order to help you work towards your personal goals and objectives.