How We Serve You

Many Baby Boomers that come and see us think that Retirement is their ultimate goal. We explain it’s not. It’s just a new beginning.

Think about it like mountain climbing because it has two parts to it…the ascent up the mountain, and the descent down the mountain.

The reality is that the climb down the mountain is much different than the climb up.

We can easily visualize seeing our financial lives broken up into two parts.

The climb up the retirement mountain is referred to as the Accumulation Phase where we concentrate all our energies on accumulating as many assets as we can and growing our nest egg for retirement.

This includes maximizing our retirement plans and savings. In addition, there is making wiser choices in how our money is allocated.

However, 40 years later when we reach the top of the mountain…and things change!

We now have to focus on the trip down the mountain, known as the Distribution Phase. The focus goes from growing our assets to spending them – and try to also preserve as much as we can at the same time.

There are much different risks and challenges now…

  • Maximizing Social Security benefits – What’s our best choice out of the 567 choices?
  • Choosing the best pension options 
  • Market ups and downs - What could either direction mean to our retirement income?
  • Health care concerns – What do I do if it fails?
  • How long I will live - What if I live too long or die too soon?
  • Paying too much in taxes and how that can impact our retirement paycheck
  • Inflation - How it could decimate our ability to pay our bills
  • What we want to leave behind to our heirs – if anything
  • And much more!

So that’s a mouthful but leads us to a question:

Pretend for a moment that I am a farmer and you just gave me a kernel of corn and asked:

Do you expect me to believe that you could somehow magically produce row upon row, acre upon acre of corn from this little kernel?

We both know I could because there is no questioning the potential of the seed.

The question to answer then is:

“Do you believe in my competence as a farmer to get the job done and are you willing to trust me with this seed?”

Your money is no different than that seed here. It has the same potential.

Now the question YOU really need to answer is:

“Do you believe in our competence as advisors to manage it and make sure you never run out of money or need to cut back on your lifestyle (for money reasons) as long as you live?”

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