Artie Bernaducci

Artie Bernaducci

Author, speaker, radio & TV contributor

Artie is an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and has been working in his favorite profession since 1991. He is also a co-founder with his partner Denny Frasiolas, in the firm, Retirement Income Advisory Group, LLC. Throughout his career, his priority has been helping clients understand financial “gobbledygook” and to make it as simple as possible by finding effective ways to communicate this ‘foreign language’ so people could respond to advice and help improve their situation versus doing nothing at all about their future. He often states, “It’s wasn’t very productive to try and help someone with language that caused their eyes to glaze over and their head to fall off!”

After graduating from Ball State University in Indiana with a B.S. degree in soil science, he was unable to find work in this field, so he went to work in the mason contracting business with his father to start and then ran his own successful company for 11 years.

The masonry world has its own form of gobbledygook, and Artie worked hard to simplify that language in communicating with people in his day-to-day business. With his transition into the financial world, it was a given that he’d apply this same approach and ensure clients could understand the industry “mumbo jumbo” in order to move forward with planning their retirement.

Artie really loves helping people and enjoys connecting with his clients. His predominant focus is working with baby boomers who are approaching or are already in retirement. His aim is to educate and support them with the retirement knowledge they need to help them through their life stages. To that end he holds seminars on Retirement Income planning, Social Security, Medicare and Identity Theft.

Passionate about the subjects, he completed 5 books. Two with his colleague, Denny Frasiolas, entitled Strategies to Create Lifetime Income for Baby Boomers and they are finishing a second book together, the Baby Boomer Retirement Roadmap that will soon be published. And, 3 solo projects on Identity Theft – for Baby Boomers, Business owners and the general public.

Artie is happily married to his best friend and wife Monica. He has 4 adult children Rosaleen, Nicole, Jessica and Louis, as well as 4 grandsons. His main interests are family, bodybuilding, yoga and meditation, marketing, veganism, and “paying it forward.”