Who We Are

In his book “Money: Master the Game”, Tony Robbins states…

“A fiduciary is a legal standard adopted by a relatively small but growing segment of independent financial professionals who have abandoned their big-box firms, relinquished their broker status, and made the decision to become a registered investment adviser. These professionals get paid for advice, and by law, must remove any potential conflicts of interest (or, at a minimum, disclose them) and put the client's needs above their own.”

Anyone in the financial world can be called a broker, a financial planner, a financial adviser or an investment adviser. These titles require the financial rep do that which is SUITABLE for clients. However, suitable doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for you.

Here’s an example…

Somewhere on YouTube there is a cartoon that compares a butcher and a dietitian to a broker and a fiduciary. The story demonstrates that there is a major difference on the advice you could get between the two.

Brokers are like the butcher so when you ask “what's for dinner?” the answer is always what’s best for them - MEAT!

The fiduciary on the other hand is akin to being a dietitian who will guide you on what's the best way for YOU to eat to stay healthy. They have no vested interest in selling you meat if chicken, fish or being a vegetarian is better for you.

Our firm is a fiduciary –
we are a Registered Investment Advisor.

Our main business is working with baby boomers near or in retirement. We often find that there ARE problems with their plans, which can crop up, like cholesterol in the arteries. The damage has gone unnoticed for years, and it could be too late.

So our job is to help Boomers through the maze before them – coordinating the myriad of things such as:

  • Transitioning to their retirement lifestyle;
  • Figuring out the best claiming strategy possible to maximize their social security benefits
  • Examining if they have enough money to retire and what to do if they don't
  • Liquidating retirement and brokerage accounts to create and sustain an income stream (a paycheck) for the rest of their lives.
  • And, much more.