Guess what, its 40 years later!

Last time you looked, you had a working life and now you are either considering retirement or are recently retired.

It's exciting and scary at the same time.

The Good:

You get to do all the things you want since work is no longer taking all your time. YAY! This is the exciting part for sure. In front of you is a Lifetime of Weekends. No more work days!

The Bad:

As time speeds by and you have been doing all the things you wanted, you start to feel a little bored - like being on vacation too long. After all, you were immersed in working for so long, you now start feeling like a stranger in a foreign country without a road map and not sure how to get to the next destination on your journey!

The Ugly:

Reality sets in. YOU ARE RETIRED…

And the statistics aren’t pretty: According to Ernst & Young, nearly 3 out of 5 of the 78 million Baby Boomers in or approaching retirement will outlive their money unless they make changes.

That’s three out of five Boomers. We are talking about 46.8 million people running out of money during retirement. That’s enough people to fill Yankee Stadium 930 times -- every home game for the next 11 seasons!

Will you be one of those people?

So, you now have to face the questions that need to be answered if you are approaching retirement such as:

  • How much money will I need?
  • What should I do with it to get the best results?

And if you are retired now you are probably thinking:

  • Will I be able to take enough income from my nest egg and be able to keep my lifestyle for as long as I or my spouse will live?

Well CNN says that only 18% of retirees have a retirement income plan in place. This is NOT an investment plan. They’re not the same. An investment plan aims to grow your nest egg -- before you retire. A retirement income plan is designed for the spending phase -- after you retire.

Here’s what’s important: The shift from savings to spending can be one of the most challenging aspects of retirement planning. Timing is everything. And if you flip the switch too early or too late, you could face a higher risk of outliving your savings.

At that point, should you be one of the 3 in 5 Boomers who may outlive your savings, here’s what can potentially happen:

  • YOU are forced to keep working to make ends meet during retirement (“Would you like fries with that?”)
  • YOU lose your ability to live independently in your own home (forcing you into a senior living center)
  • YOU can’t afford to give nice gifts on birthdays, holidays, or other occasions (adding new stress to family gatherings)
  • YOU can’t afford to visit those exotic destinations on your Bucket List (the only travel you can do is in your dreams)


You’re invited to join other Boomers who have scheduled a no- cost, no- obligation, and very confidential 1- hour meeting with us. It can help you avoid possible gaps in your retirement income and discover potential opportunities to take advantage of.